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About Us

Who are We? Parallax Clothing Company is made up of an amazing team which! Yep ,that's right, I am a one woman show here!

I am mummy to 2 girls, Harper who is 3 and Eden, who is 1. Between the girls and my other two jobs, I manage to keep myself SUPER busy!

The ideas behind Parallax came about when I put myself on a month long 'Online Shopping' ban (awful, I know!) because my Afterpay balance was looking quite unhealthy! I needed something to do instead of browse online stores, so instead I started to play around on photoshop and come up with clothes that I would like my girls to wear. I've always had a thing for simple bold designs, and a love for 'cute' characters, and I feel I meshed the two together and that was the basis of my designs.

The garments I print on are made ethically in China, but all printing, labelling and packaging is done right here on the Gold Coast.

When I first put my designs out into the world, I never ever thought in a billion years that I would have such a positive reaction, and for that I am so grateful! I can't wait to share this journey with all of you!


Emma xxx